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Spectrum Analyser 9KHz-1.5GHz

Product Numbers: SPAN-3215

Product Specifications: Range: 9KHz-1.5GHz

Product Units: Resolution: 1Hz

Product Remark: China Manufacturer

2014/10/13Look Select

Economical Spectrum Analyzer (Signal Analyzer) 9kHz~3GHz

Product Numbers: SPAN-2203

Product Specifications: Range: 9kHz~3GHz

Product Units: PC controled software

Product Remark: Input single range 0dBm~-50dBm

2014/8/25Look Select

9kHz-1.8GHz Spectrum Analyzer with Optimum Sensitivity -158dBm

Product Numbers: SPAN-2202

Product Specifications: Range: 9kHz-1.8GHz

Product Units: Resolution bandwidth: 10Hz~3MHz

Product Remark: - 6.5 inch highlight TFT color LCD

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Spectrum Analyzer 9KHz-7.5GHz With Continuously Variable RBW Filter

Product Numbers: SPAN-2303

Product Specifications: Range: 9KHz-7.5GHz

Product Units: temperature drift <2ppm

Product Remark: Video bandwidth 10Hzto3MHz

2014/8/24Look Select

China Bench Top Spectrum Analyzer (Signal Analyzer)

Product Numbers: SPAN-2302

Product Specifications: Range: 9KHz-3.6GHz

Product Units: Resolution: 1Hz

Product Remark: China Manufacturer

2014/8/23Look Select

Bench Top Spectrum Analyzer 9GHz-3GHz

Product Numbers: SPAN-2301

Product Specifications: Range: 9GHz-3GHz

Product Units: 3G

Product Remark: 8.4 inch LED

2014/8/11Look Select

Handheld Portable Spectrum Analyzer

Product Numbers: SPAN-1003

Product Specifications: Range: 9kHz~7.5GHz

2014/8/8Look Select

Portable Handheld Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz~2GHz

Product Numbers: SPAN-1001

Product Specifications: Range: 9kHz-2GHz

Product Units: Resolution bandwidth: 1Hz~3MHz

Product Remark: 00kHz~1.5GHz tracking generator

2014/8/8Look Select

Spectrum Analyzer (9kHz~1GHz ) With AM/FM Demodulation

Product Numbers: SPAN-2201

Product Specifications: Frequency Range: 9kHz~1GHz

Product Units: Optimum sensitivity: -158dBm

Product Remark: Resolution bandwidth: 10Hz~3MHz

2014/8/7Look Select

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz-3.6GHz

Product Numbers: SPAN-1002

Product Specifications: Frequency range: 9kHz-3.6GHz

Product Units: Tracking generator:100kHz-1.5GHz

Product Remark: Color LCD:6.5 inch

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