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Apothem Digital Caliper Edge to Center Distance Digital Caliper

Product Numbers: CPDC-11221

Product Specifications: 10-150mm 200mm, 300mm

Product Units: Stainless Steel

Product Remark: With Conical contact points

2023/7/29Look Select

Center Pitch Offset Moveable Jaw Digital Electronic Caliper Vernier

Product Numbers: CPDC-12521

Product Specifications: 10-150mm, 10-200mm, 10-300mm

Product Units: Large LCD

Product Remark: Offset digital caliper

2018/11/8Look Select

5-200mm Center Pitch(Distance) Digital Caliper

Product Numbers: SC-311

Product Specifications: Range:5-200mm

Product Units: Auto power off

Product Remark: hardened steel

2014/3/27Look Select

5-150mm Center Pitch(Distance) Digital Caliper

Product Numbers: SC-211

Product Specifications: Range: 5-150mm

Product Units: with adjustable precision ground points

Product Remark: Auto Power off

2014/3/27Look Select

Center Pitch (Distance) Digital Calipers

Product Numbers: SC-111

Product Remark: With RS232 output

2008/11/19Look Select

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