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Bluetooth pH Conductivity TDS Salinity Resistivity Temp Tester Meter

Product Numbers: PHME-PC60-Z

Product Specifications: Range: -2 to 16.00 pH

Product Units: Conductivity (EC) Range: 0 to 20.0 mS/cm

Product Remark: Calibration: 1 to 3 points Auto. Calibration

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PH Meter High Precision Water Quality Tester PH EC MV EC CF TDS

Product Numbers: PHME-027

Product Specifications: Accuracy: PH ±0.1PH

Product Units: Instantaneous reading results

Product Remark: Built-in Battery

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Wall-Mounted six-in-one Online pH monitor Tester EC CF TDS Meter

Product Numbers: PHME-026

Product Specifications: EC, CF, °C, °F, TDS, pH

Product Units: Large, Triple Level Display

Product Remark: Caps on Both Sides

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Multi-point Wireless Remote Control Digital Online PH Monitor

Product Numbers: PHME-029

Product Specifications: Measuring Range: 4.1-8.8PH

Product Units: distance range: 80 meters

Product Remark: Calibration: 2 points with auto buffer recognition

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Analysis Aquarium 2-in-1 PH ORP Redox Controller Wifi ph Meter

Product Numbers: PHME-803W

Product Specifications: ORP: -1999-1999MV

Product Units: pH orp monitor tester

Product Remark: China pH Meter manufacturer

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Digital Laboratory Acidity Meter PH/ORP/Temperature Meter

Product Numbers: PHME-98B

Product Specifications: Range: PH -2.000 ~ 16.000 pH

Product Units: ORP: -1999.9 ~ 1999.9mV

Product Remark: For Professional user

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Water Quality Monitor Bluetooth LCD Online PH/TDS/EC/Temperature Meter

Product Numbers: PHME-260BD

Product Specifications: connect to Bluetooth

Product Units: Material: ABS

Product Remark: Size: 95*61MM

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Cheap pH Meter Aquarium Swimming Pool Acid Tester

Product Numbers: PHME-21001

Product Specifications: Range: 0-14.0

Product Units: Resolution: 0.01 pH

Product Remark: China pH Meter manufacturer

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Digital ORP Meter PH TDS EC Meter Salinity SG Temperature 7 in 1

Product Numbers: PHME-22007

Product Specifications: EC: Range: 0-10000us/cm

Product Units: S.G: 1.000-1.222

Product Remark: Waterproof Level:IP67

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Foldable pH Meter LCD Digital pH TEMP Meter

Product Numbers: PHME-010

Product Specifications: pH: 0.00~14.00

Product Units: Temperature Compensation: 0℃ ~50℃.

Product Remark: Size: Approx. 188x35x35mm

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