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Heavy Duty Digital Fruit Hardness Test Stand

Product Numbers: FRHT-5700

Product Specifications: Stroke:90mm

Product Units: Max. Load: 500N

Product Remark: Net weight: 12kg

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Fruit Hardness Meter Test Stand Fruit Penetrometer Test Stand

Product Numbers: FRHT-5600

Product Specifications: Effective stroke:15mm

Product Units: Length × width × height:188x200x336mm

Product Remark: Gross weight :8.5kg

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Portable Digital Fruit Hardness Tester Fruit Penetrometer Fruit Sclerometer

Product Numbers: FRHT-04

Product Specifications: Measuring Tip: 3.5mm

Product Units: Display: LCD

Product Remark: Insert Depth: 10mm

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Fruit Hardness Tester Fruit Penetrometer For Apple Pear Strawberry

Product Numbers: FRHT-GY-1

Product Specifications: 2-15kg/cm2 (×105Pa)

Product Units: Hand-held, analog meter

Product Remark: Plunger tip marked for accurate penetration depth

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Dial Type Fruit Hardness Tester Fruit Digital Sclerometer

Product Numbers: FRHT-804

Product Specifications: 200g/0.1mg

Product Units: Indication scale 0.5-12kg/cm2 (×105Pa) 0.5-24kg/cm2 (×105Pa)

Product Remark: Dial Indicator

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Electronica Fruit Sclerometer Fruit Hardness Tester Fruit Firmness Meter

Product Numbers: FRHT-1122

Product Specifications: Range: 0.4~22.0kgf/cm²

Product Units: 2 x 1.5 V AAA Size (UM-4) Battery

Product Remark: Accuracy: ±(1%H+0.1)kgf/cm²

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Digital Fruit Sclerometer Fruit Hardness Tester Fruit Firmness Meter

Product Numbers: FRHT-15

Product Specifications: Range 0.5~15.0kgf/cm²

Product Units: Unit kgf(kgf/cm²) lbf(lbf/cm²) N(N/cm²) Pa

Product Remark: Accuracy ±(1%H+0.1)kgf/cm²

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Digital Fruit Hardness Tester

Product Numbers: FRHT-05

Product Specifications: Range: 0.2~5.0kgf/cm²

Product Units: Resolution: 0.01/0.1/1

Product Remark: For small fruit

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