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39Pcs US Standard Metric Dies & Taps Sets

Product Numbers: TADI-30149

Product Specifications: Size: M3*0.5-M12*1.75

Product Units: 17pcs dies

Product Remark: 17pcs taps

2015/7/30Look Select

39 Pcs HSS UNC/UNF Die & Tap Set

Product Numbers: TADI-30148

Product Specifications: 4-40UNC, 1/2-20UNF

Product Units: 1/8-27NPT

Product Remark: Cutting tools supplier

2015/7/30Look Select

45 Pcs NC/NF Tap & Die Set

Product Numbers: TADI-30147

Product Specifications: 1/4-20NC--1-8NC

Product Units: 1/4-28NF--1--14NS

Product Remark: Hss/Alloy Tool steel

2015/7/29Look Select

60 Pieces UNC/UNF/Metric Die & Tap Set Suit

Product Numbers: TADI-30146

Product Specifications: 27pcs taps

Product Units: 27pcs round dies

Product Remark: 1pcs T-type wrench

2015/7/27Look Select

39 Pieces HSS/Alloy Tool Steel US Taps & Die Sets

Product Numbers: TADI-30145

Product Specifications: M3-M12

Product Units: NPT1/8-27

Product Remark: Hss/Alloy Tool steel

2015/7/26Look Select

45 Pcs Metric Standard Die & Tap Set

Product Numbers: TADI-30144

Product Specifications: M6-M24 Die & Tap Set

Product Units: 20 pcs dies

Product Remark: 1 pcs lining

2015/7/26Look Select

22 Pieces DIN352 Taps Set (One Three-piece set)

Product Numbers: TADI-30143

Product Specifications: 21 Pcs taps, DIN 352

Product Units: Materal:HSS

Product Remark: 1 pcs adjustable handle tap wrench

2015/7/26Look Select

29 Pcs DIN352 Metric Tap & Drill Set

Product Numbers: TADI-30142

Product Specifications: M3-M12 DIN352

Product Units: 7pcs Drill

Product Remark: 1pcs adjustable handle tap wrenh

2015/7/26Look Select

28Pcs DIN 352 Metric Dies & Taps Set (One Three-piece) With Drills

Product Numbers: TADI-30141

Product Specifications: 21pcs taps DIN352 (one three-piece)

Product Units: 7pcs Drills

Product Remark: Packed with metal box

2015/7/26Look Select

32Pieces DN352 Metric Dies & Taps Set (One Three-piece)

Product Numbers: TADI-30140

Product Specifications: 21pcs taps DIN352 M3-M12

Product Units: 7pcs round dies

Product Remark: China Taps and Dies Set Manufacturer

2015/7/26Look Select

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