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HJC60 Weld Bead Height Welding Seam Gap Ruler Gage

Product Numbers: WG-407

Product Specifications: Surface Height 0-15mm

Product Units: Height of Fillet Weld 0-15mm

Product Remark: HJC60 Measuring Width: 0-60mm

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HJC45 welding Gauge

Product Numbers: WG-406

Product Specifications: Slider 0-20mm

Product Units: Multifunction ruler 0-20mm

Product Remark: Weld groove angle 0°-90°

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Seam Welding Gauge HJC30

Product Numbers: WG-405

Product Remark: China Welding Gauge HJC30

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hi-lo Single Purpose Welding Gage Root Gap

Product Numbers: WG-602

Product Specifications: 1/32

Product Units: determines rootweld spacing

Product Remark: quick steps check internal alignment

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Skew-T Fillet Welding Gauge

Product Numbers: WG-507

Product Specifications: Checking Angle of Vertical Member

Product Remark: Skew-T Fillet Welding Gauge

2011-7-10Look Select

Sector Welding Gauge

Product Numbers: WG-505

Product Units: China manufacturer

Product Remark: Sector Welding Gauge

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Taper Welding Gauge

Product Numbers: WG-504

Product Remark: Taper Welding Gauge

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Pipe Pit Gauge

Product Numbers: WG-503

Product Specifications: 0 to ½" in 1/64 & .020 increments

Product Units: NDT instruments

Product Remark: Pipe Pit Gauge

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HI-LO Welding Gauge

Product Numbers: WG-601

Product Units: Metric and Inch

Product Remark: HI-LO Welding Gauge

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V-WAC Weld Gauge

Product Numbers: WG-501

Product Remark: V-WAC Weld Gauge

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