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Digital Magnetic Flux Meter

Product Numbers: GSME-820

Product Specifications: High reliability

Product Units: With superior drift suppress function

Product Remark: Embedded microcomputer control

2018/11/30Look Select

Digital Fluxmeter

Product Numbers: GSME-210B

Product Specifications: 2mWb, 20mWb, 200mWb, 2000mWb

Product Units: Drift: less than 1uWb/min

2018/11/29Look Select

Magnetic Fluxmeter

Product Numbers: GSME-4435

Product Specifications: AC 220 V ±10% 50 Hz 0.25 A

Product Units: 1% (full range)

Product Remark: Fluxmeter China

2011/12/5Look Select

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