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Inch-Metric Dial Indicators

Product Numbers: LDI-577

Product Specifications: 0-0.5in/0-12.7mm

Product Remark: Large Scales

2008/11/5Look Select

High Accuracy Micro Digital Indicators 0.001mm

Product Numbers: MDI-101

Product Specifications: 0-50.8mm/0.001mm

Product Units: digital micron dial indicator

Product Remark: Three Keys with DATA OUTPUT

2008/12/16Look Select

Full Metal Digital Caliper The Best in China Similar Quality to Mitutoyo

Product Numbers: DC-162MA

Product Specifications: 150mm,200mm,300mm

Product Units: The Best in China

Product Remark: Metal Casing

2008/11/6Look Select

Optical Composite Image Levels

Product Numbers: OL-101

Product Specifications: 0.01mm/m

Product Remark: 0-10mm

2009/10/8Look Select

Telescoping Gauges 6 Sets

Product Numbers: IG-106

Product Specifications: 8-150mm

Product Units: Metric type

Product Remark: Telescoping Gauges

2009/9/20Look Select

Digital Pocket Thickness Gauges

Product Numbers: TH-411

Product Specifications: 0-10mm

2009/9/16Look Select

TCT Blade Saw ATB(Laminated Panel)

Product Numbers: TCTS-16040L

Product Specifications: 160-350 mm

Product Remark: laminated panel and plastic material

2009/12/4Look Select

Hole Saws Built-in Arbor

Product Numbers: BMHS-003

Product Specifications: 14-60mm

Product Remark: 12mm depth

2009/12/23Look Select

HSS Annular Cutter With Thread Shank

Product Numbers: HSAC-4014

2010/2/9Look Select

90° Beveled Edge Precision Square

Product Numbers: PESQ-10110

Product Specifications: 50x40mm 300x200mm

Product Units: DIN875 grade 00 or 0

Product Remark: China precision Square manufacturer

2013/12/13Look Select
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