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Automotive Car Painting Coating Thickness Gauge

Product Numbers: CTME-3200

Product Specifications: Display resolution: 0.01mm/1mil

Product Units: Operating Temperature:0~40°C

Product Remark: Accuracy: ±0.1mm

2019/5/15Look Select

High End Coating Thickness Gauge

Product Numbers: CTME-3000S

Product Specifications: Two types of measuring methods

Product Remark: Probe can be changeable

2018/11/27Look Select

Paint Mil Gauge For Non Magnetic Galvanized

Product Numbers: CTME-5303

Product Units: Low voltage indication

Product Remark: Four statistical functions

2018/11/10Look Select

Two calibration Method Paint Thickness Gauge

Product Numbers: CTME-5302

Product Specifications: store 800 measurement data

Product Remark: Mil Gauge

2018/11/10Look Select

Automatic Digital Plating Thickness Tester Coating Thickness Gauge

Product Numbers: CTME-5301

Product Specifications: Fine small integrated

Product Units: Metal probe,Simple operation

2018/6/16Look Select

ROKTOOLS Mil Paint Depth Gauge

Product Numbers: CTME-2100

Product Specifications: Magnetic Induction

Product Units: Eddy Current

2018/6/16Look Select

Mil UM Painting Thickness Gauge

Product Numbers: CTME-2200

Product Specifications: 0-1300

Product Units: Eddy Current

2018/6/16Look Select

Anti-corrosion Coating Thickness Meter

Product Numbers: CTME-1324

Product Specifications: range: 0-12mm

Product Units: Resolution 0.01mm / 0.1mm

2018/3/2Look Select

Thin Measuring Micro Coating Thickness Meter (N) For Plastic

Product Numbers: CTME-1210-200N

Product Specifications: Range: 0~200 μm/0~8mil

Product Units: 4 digits LCD, backlit

Product Remark: Probe N for Plastic

2016/10/27Look Select

Portable Electronic Micro Coating Thickness Gauge Meter F Probe

Product Numbers: CTME-1210-200F

Product Specifications: 0~200 um / 0~8 mil

Product Units: Min. Radius Workpiece convex 2 mm / concave 4 mm

Product Remark: With F probe

2016/10/27Look Select

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