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18pcs Angle Gauge Sets

Product Numbers: ANPL-22018

Product Specifications: 5° to 90° Primary Angle Range

Product Units: 90° to 175° Complimentary Angle Range

Product Remark: 18pcs Stainless Steel

2016/9/2Look Select

17PCS Angle Block Sets Plates With 0-45 Degree

Product Numbers: ANPL-21117

Product Specifications: Size: 3*1/4

Product Units: Precision Angle

Product Remark: 1/4 degree to 45 degree

2015/3/27Look Select

1-30 Degree 10 pcs Angle Block Sets

Product Numbers: ANPL-21110

Product Specifications: Size: 3*1/4

Product Units: 1-30 degree

Product Remark: Precision Ground Angle

2015/3/27Look Select

8pcs and 9pcs Universal Angle Block Sets

Product Numbers: ANPL-21108

Product Specifications: 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 5°,10°, 15°, 30°

Product Units: No sine vise, sine plate, angle vise

Product Remark: With V block

2015/3/26Look Select

7pcs Angle Plate Block Sets 15-90 Degree

Product Numbers: ANPL-21107

Product Specifications: 15°10 - 75°50

Product Units: 50°

Product Remark: 90° / 90° / 90° / 90°

2015/3/26Look Select

Precision Thin Parallel Angle Block Sets

Product Numbers: ANPL-21105

Product Specifications: 1/2-5 degree

Product Units: 6-10 degree

Product Remark: 5pcs and 6pcs

2015/3/26Look Select

2pc Precision Solid Angle Plates For Setup

Product Numbers: ANPL-21102

Product Specifications: 3*3*1/4 2*3-3/8*1/4

Product Units: Four Holes

Product Remark: For tooling

2015/3/25Look Select

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