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DIN Machinist Square Square and Straight Edge Set

Product Numbers: PESQ-25104

Product Specifications: stainless steel

Product Units: DIN874 and DIN875

Product Remark: packed with fitted box

2024/7/7Look Select

90 Degree Beveled Edge Engineering Square with Wide Base

Product Numbers: PESQ-10510

Product Specifications: 90 degree

Product Units: DIN875 grade 0

Product Remark: Beveled Edge Engineering Square

2013/12/13Look Select

90° Presicion Flat Edge Square

Product Numbers: PESQ-10410

Product Specifications: Size: 50*40

Product Units: Section of Blade 12*2.5

Product Remark: section of Stock 12*10

2013/12/13Look Select

90 Degree Tool Maker Square

Product Numbers: PESQ-10314

Product Specifications: 25*20 40*28mm

Product Units: DIN875 grade 00

Product Remark: Section:6*3.5, 4*3.5

2013/12/13Look Select

90 Degree Flat Edge Steel Engineering Square with Wide Base

Product Numbers: PESQ-10210

Product Specifications: 50*40mm 300*200

Product Units: DIN875 Grade 0

Product Remark: China Exporter

2013/12/13Look Select

90° Beveled Edge Precision Square

Product Numbers: PESQ-10110

Product Specifications: 50x40mm 300x200mm

Product Units: DIN875 grade 00 or 0

Product Remark: China precision Square manufacturer

2013/12/13Look Select

90° Presicion Engineering Square

Product Numbers: PESQ-10010

Product Specifications: 50*40,75*50, 100*70, 150*100

Product Units: stainless steel

Product Remark: machinist square

2013/10/16Look Select

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