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Aluminium Magnesium Straight Edge Hand Lightweight

Product Numbers: PESQ-23050

Product Specifications: Range 500-3000mm

Product Units: Material:Magnesium Aluminium

Product Remark: For Flatness measuring

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Cast Iron Screeds Straightedges Flatness Ruler Machinist

Product Numbers: PESQ-21301

Product Specifications: 500-5000mm

Product Units: positioning work

Product Remark: Precision ground

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Aluminium Magnesium Straight Edge Flatness Ruler Screed

Product Numbers: PESQ-20215

Product Specifications: Range:500-6000mm

Product Units: Material: Aluminium Magnesium

Product Remark: Screed

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Square and Straight Edge Kits

Product Numbers: PESQ-25104

Product Specifications: 5pcs

Product Units: Including 5 pcs

Product Remark: China Precision Square

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Precision Straight Edge Stainless Steel

Product Numbers: PESQ-20114

Product Specifications: 50-500mm

Product Units: DIN874/00

Product Remark: China Precision Hair Edges

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