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CNC Accessories Electronic Digital Readout DRO 1-5 Axis

Product Numbers: DRDO-28004

Product Specifications: 200 auxiliary zero

Product Units: Gamma calculator

Product Remark: PCD circular sub-holes

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Mini Small Size 3 Axis 2 Axis CNC Machine Digital Readout DRO

Product Numbers: DRDO-24503

Product Specifications: 3.5 ture color LCD screee

Product Units: RPM function

Product Remark: REF function

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Digital Readout 3 and 2 Axis

Product Numbers: DRDO-100-3V

Product Specifications: 2 or 3 axis

Product Units: Zeroing Data Recovery

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Digital Readout For 3 Axis And For Milling Machine

Product Numbers: DRDO-21803

Product Specifications: X Y Z Axis

Product Units: For Milling Machine

Product Remark: display Inch / metric.

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Digital Readout (DRO)With Linear Compensation

Product Numbers: DRDO-20602

Product Specifications: Linear Drilling

Product Units: For Milling machine

Product Remark: 200 sets SDM Coordinate

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Muti-Functional Digital Readout (DRO) For 4 Axis

Product Numbers: DRDO-20704

Product Specifications: Coordinate: 1/2/3/4

Product Units: Power consumption: 10VA

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Mini Digital Readout For X, Y, Z Axis

Product Numbers: DRDO-20501

Product Specifications: Input signal TTL

Product Remark: Length resolution 0.5um,1um,5um,10um

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