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0-1500mm/60 Inch Heavy Duty Electronic Digital Vernier Depth Gauge

Product Numbers: DG-1510

Product Specifications: Range: 0-1500mm/60 inch

Product Units: Base: 200/250mm

Product Remark: Stainless Steel

2015/7/3Look Select

0-1000mm/40 Electronic Digital Vernier Depth Gauge

Product Numbers: DG-1010

Product Specifications: Range: 1000mm

Product Units: Base: 150mm/200mm/250mm

Product Remark: Thiker beam , more stable

2015/7/3Look Select

0-800mm Electronic Digital Vernier Depth Gauge

Product Numbers: DG-810

Product Specifications: 0-800mm

Product Units: Base: 150-200mm

Product Remark: China Depth Gauge

2015/7/3Look Select

0-500mm Digital Depth Verniver Caliper Gauge

Product Numbers: DG-510

Product Specifications: Range: 0-500mm

Product Units: Base: 120/150/200mm

Product Remark: Beam: 6mm

2015/7/3Look Select

Deep Hole Electronic Digital Depth Gauges

Product Numbers: DG-172

Product Specifications: Range: 0-150mm 0-200mm

Product Units: Diameter of rod: 2mm or 1.5mm

Product Remark: With Slim Rod

2014/6/23Look Select

Electronic Digital Depth Gauge with Needle Tip

Product Numbers: DG-162

Product Specifications: 0-150mm, 200mm, 300mm

Product Units: Needle size: 5mm*2mm

Product Remark: For measure the Groove

2014/6/23Look Select

Digital Depth Gauge with Double Hooks

Product Numbers: DG-152

Product Specifications: Range: 0-150mm 200mm, 300mm

Product Units: Double hook

Product Remark: Groove Depth Gauge

2014/6/22Look Select

The Best Digital Depth Gauges With Hook

Product Numbers: DG-120

Product Specifications: 0-150mm, 0-200mm, 0-300mm

Product Remark: Digital Depth Gauges with hooks

2011/1/2Look Select

Digital Depth Gauges Wthout Hook Deoth Caliper

Product Numbers: DG-010

Product Specifications: 100mm/4

Product Units: Digital Depth Gauges

Product Remark: without hook

2008/11/22Look Select

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