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Long jaw Caliper Thicker Deep Jaw Caliper Vernier Stainless Steel

Product Numbers: HD-602S-400

Product Specifications: Stainless Steel

Product Units: 300mm 400mm 500mm Long jaw

Product Remark: Customized for other size

2023/10/7Look Select

Long Jaw Digital Caliper 300 400 500mm Deep Jaw Vernier

Product Numbers: HD-10214-300

Product Specifications: Stainless Steel

Product Units: Jaw Thickness: over 10cm

Product Remark: Vernier Caliper manufacture Center

2023/10/7Look Select

400mm 600mm Extra Long Jaw Vernier Caliper Depth

Product Numbers: HD-6524

Product Specifications: Jaw: 400mm 600mm

Product Units: Carbon Steel

Product Remark: OEM for Long Jaw of caliper

2019/3/14Look Select

Heavy Duty Electronical Digital Caliper Raning 500mm-4000mm

Product Numbers: HD-5214

Product Specifications: 500mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm

Product Units: With ABS function

Product Remark: Type IV with nib jaw Mitutoyos quality

2015/7/24Look Select

Digital Heavy Duty Vernier Caliper with Extended Jaw

Product Numbers: HD-5215

Product Specifications: Range:0-2000,0-3000,0-4000mm

Product Units: With adjustment

Product Remark: China heavy duty caliper manufacturer

2013/11/18Look Select

ROK Heavy Duty Vernier Caliper with Knife-Edge

Product Numbers: HD-5015

Product Specifications: Range: 0-4000mm/160

Product Units: Presetting function

Product Remark: Knife-edge measuring contact

2013/11/18Look Select

Digital Heavy Duty Vernier Caliper 0-4000mm/160

Product Numbers: HD-5213

Product Specifications: Range: 0-300mm---0-4000mm

Product Units: satin chrome finish

Product Remark: Type III with upper jaw

2013/11/18Look Select

Heavy Duty Veriner Caliper with Fine Adjustment

Product Numbers: HD-5013

Product Specifications: Range:500-3000mm

Product Units: Resolution: 0.02,0.05, 0-05/1/128

Product Remark: With Upper Knife-edge

2013/11/18Look Select

Heavy Duty Digital Caliper 0-1000mm 2000mm, 3000mm, 4000mm

Product Numbers: HD-1021

Product Specifications: 0-1000mm 2000mm 3000mm 4000mm

Product Units: Heavy Duty Digital Vernier Caliper IV

Product Remark: Thicker Beam

2009/6/17Look Select

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