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Digital Power Quality Analyzer 3 Phase Harmonic Tester

Product Numbers: PQAN-6005

Product Specifications: Phase voltage 1.0V~ 1000V

Product Units: 1.0V~ 1000V 0%~ 100%

Product Remark: Total harmonic distortion Yes, 0~50Times, each phase

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ROK Wifi Power Quality Analyzer Harmonics Analyzer

Product Numbers: PQAN-7620

Product Specifications: Phase: -180~180

Product Units: Harmonics

Product Remark: Wave Recording

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PQAN 285A Three Phase Energy and Power Quality Analyzer

Product Numbers: PQAN-285A

Product Specifications: ARMS-3000A

Product Units: Power: 9000KW

Product Remark: Three Phase

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UT283A Single Phase Power Quality Analyzer

Product Numbers: UT283A

Product Specifications: V: 10V~1000V AC/DC

Product Units: Frequency: 40~70Hz

Product Remark: Single phase

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Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer (1-1000Vrms) Class S

Product Numbers: PQAN-7610

Product Specifications: Range: 1-1000Vrms, 1 - 1400Vpk

Product Units: Standards: IEC61000-4-30 (2008) S class

Product Remark: Safety: CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V

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