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Marble Cutting Blade Cutting Disc Diamond Silver Brazed Saw Blade

Product Numbers: DICD-11801

Product Specifications: Fan shaped segment

Product Units: 300-450mm available

Product Remark: China cutting tools manufacturer factory

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Silver Brazing Granite Cutting Blades Marble Concret Key Slot Diamond Blades

Product Numbers: DICD-11701

Product Specifications: 250-700mm

Product Units: Diamond blades

Product Remark: China Diamond blades factory

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J-Slot Diamond Blades For Ceramic FAN Type Segments

Product Numbers: DICD-11601

Product Specifications: 300mm 500mm 450mm

Product Units: Diamand cutter Diamond Blades

Product Remark: China best diamomd cutting tools factory

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Silent Silver Brazed Blade For Granite Marble Stone

Product Numbers: DICD-11501

Product Specifications: 300mm 450mm

Product Units: sandwich steel core

Product Remark: Designed for granite marble

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