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Formaldehyde Detector Humidity Temperature Meter Monitor

Product Numbers: FOMO-338A

Product Specifications: Range: 0-3mg / m ^ 3

Product Units: Temperature Measurement Range: 0-40

Product Remark: 25% -90% RH

2016/8/14Look Select

PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor Formaldehyde Detector

Product Numbers: FOMO-338C

Product Specifications: PM2.5: 0-500

Product Remark: 7 in 1 tester detector

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Formaldehyde Detector Monitor Meter With LCD Backlight Display

Product Numbers: FOMO-1008

Product Specifications: Measuring range: 0-3mg / m3

Product Units: Minimum reading: 0.01mg / m3

Product Remark: HCHO Tester/Meter

2014/12/13Look Select

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