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Digimatic Gear Tooth Thickness Micrometer Disk Micometer

Product Numbers: DM-190801

Product Specifications: Least count: 0.001mm

Product Units: Type: Outside Mic

Product Remark: Meaure the thickness of paper

2019/1/15Look Select

60mm Diameter Large Disc Micrometer

Product Numbers: DM-170801

Product Specifications: 0-25mm, 75-100mm

Product Units: Disc: 60mm/2.4inch

Product Remark: China micrometer manufacturer

2013/9/1Look Select

Disc Micrometer_Tooth Thickness Micrometer

Product Numbers: DM-120801

Product Specifications: 0-200mm

Product Units: Disk 20mm

Product Remark: China Mechanical disc outside micrometer

2013/9/1Look Select

Digital Electronic Flange Micrometer_Tooth Thicknes Micrometer

Product Numbers: DM-140801

Product Specifications: 0-200mm/0-8inch

Product Units: Disc Micrometers flange micrometer

Product Remark: Accuracy:0.004-0.007mm

2013/9/1Look Select

Digital Tooth Thickness Micrometer_Disk Micrometer

Product Numbers: DM-130801

Product Specifications: 0-200mm

Product Units: resolution: 0.001mm

Product Remark: disc micrometer, root tangent length micrometer

2013/8/31Look Select

Tooth Thickness Micrometer_Disc Micrometer(Ratchet Stop)

Product Numbers: DM-110801

Product Specifications: 0-200mm/0-8"

Product Remark: Disk micrometer

2013/7/5Look Select

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