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Handheld Thermal Uncooled Monocular Camera Uncooled FPA Detector

Product Numbers: THIM-60240-19

Product Specifications: Array Size : 384x288

Product Units: NETD : 100mk@30°C

Product Remark: Uncooled FPA Detector

2018/12/27Look Select

Long Detection Range Thermal Imaging Binocular

Product Numbers: THIM-6093

Product Specifications: Array size: 320×256

Product Units: Photo and Recording

Product Remark: 240/60mm/F4 Lens

2014/11/23Look Select

Thermal Imager Binocular With Photo Record

Product Numbers: THIM-6075

Product Specifications: 800×600 display

Product Units: 61mm/F0.8

Product Remark: With USB

2014/11/22Look Select

Portable Thermal Imaging Binocular With 75mm/F0.8 Lens

Product Numbers: THIM-6073

Product Specifications: Array size: 384×288

Product Units: Range: 2475m

Product Remark: Night Vision Binocular

2014/11/22Look Select

Thermal Imaging Monocular With Uncooled FPA Detector

Product Numbers: THIM-6023

Product Specifications: Array size/format: 384×288

Product Units: Focus: Manual

Product Remark: China Thermal Imaging Monocular

2014/11/22Look Select

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