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Large Range Torque Wrench Tester Calibration Gauge

Product Numbers: DTME-3651

Product Specifications: 100N. 200N, 1000N, 3000N

Product Remark: Torque Wrench Calibrator

2017-4-14Look Select

Digital Torque Wrench Tester

Product Numbers: DTME-3501

Product Specifications: Range: 50-1000N.m

Product Units: Stroke: 130-200mm

2016-1-7Look Select

Bottle Cap Torque Meter

Product Numbers: DTME-3521

Product Specifications: Capacity 1-20N.m

Product Units: N·m,kgf·cm,Ib·in

Product Remark: save 99 groups of test data

2012-6-21Look Select

Digital Torque Meter

Product Numbers: DTME-3101

Product Specifications: 1-5000

Product Units: N · m, kg · cm, lb

Product Remark: aluminum alloy box

2012-5-29Look Select

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