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2-in-1 Digital Display Electromagnetic Radiation Nuclear Detector

Product Numbers: BR-9C

Product Specifications: Sensitivity: 80cpm/μsv/(Co-60)

Product Units: Geiger Counter EMF

Product Remark: Cumulative range: 0-99.999msv

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Nuclear Radiation Detector Geiger Counter Dosimeter

Product Numbers: BR-9b

Product Specifications: Sensitivity: 80cpm/μsv/(Co-60)

Product Units: Beta, Gamma, X-ray

Product Remark: Sensor type: energy compensation type GM tube

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Electromagnetic Radiation Detector Dosimeter Monitor EMF Meter

Product Numbers: BR-9A

Product Specifications: Power density: 0-99.999uw/cm2

Product Units: Electric field strength: 0-999.99 v/m

Product Remark: Size: 105*70*30mm

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Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Meter

Product Numbers: EMF828

Product Specifications: 0.1-400mG,1-4000mG

2018/4/10Look Select

High Frequency Field Intensity Meter

Product Numbers: EMF829

Product Remark: anual memory and reading data content: 99 groups

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