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Battery Resistance Impedance Meter Battery Resistance Voltmeter

Product Numbers: OHMM-SM8124A

Product Specifications: resistance measurement range: 0.2ohm, 2ohm, 20ohm

Product Units: Voltage resolution: 0~1.999V)1mV

Product Remark: size: 130x72x30mm

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HV Battery Resistance Meter Voltage 10mV~400V

Product Numbers: OHMM-AT520C

Product Specifications: Voltage 10mV~400V

Product Remark: Show,ΔABS, Δ%, θ,results

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Battery Resistance Tester 0.1mΩ-300Ω AC Resistance, X, Z, θ, L, DC Voltage

Product Numbers: OHMM-AT520B

Product Specifications: Resistance: 0.1mΩ-300Ω

Product Units: Resistance: 0.1mΩ-300Ω

Product Remark: Automatic or manual with 4 ranges

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Portable Battery Resistance Meter 0.001mΩ~3.3Ω Low Ohm Meter

Product Numbers: OHMM-AT525

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Handheld AC Milliohm Meter Battery Tester 0.001 to 50.00V

Product Numbers: OHMM-AT528L

Product Specifications: R: 0.1m~200.0 V: 1mV~50V

Product Units: AC resistance, DC voltage

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Handheld Portable Battery Resistance Tester

Product Numbers: OHMM-58

Product Specifications: R: 0.01m~2.000k V: 1mV~50V

Product Remark: 8.4V,Li-Battery 2200mAh rechargeable battery

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Digital Battery Tester Battery Internal Resistance Meter

Product Numbers: OHMM-AT526B

Product Specifications: Resistance: 0.5% Voltage: 0.1%

Product Remark: Resistance: 0.001m ohm-33k ohm. Voltage: 0.0001V-60.00VDC

2018/4/24Look Select

AC Resistance DC Voltage Battery Resistance Meter Low Ohm Meter

Product Numbers: OHMM-526

Product Specifications: Resistance: 0.001mΩ~33.000kΩ Voltage: 0.00001V – 120.000V DC

Product Units: AC Resistance DC Voltage

Product Remark: Automatic and manual with 5 ranges

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