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254nm Light Meter 20000 uW Ultraviolet-C Radiation Intensity Meter

Product Numbers: 126C

Product Specifications: Measuring range 0 - 20000 μW/cm2

Product Units: Power data storage interval 1s/10s/60s optional

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UVC 254 Light Meter Ultraviolet Light Meter UV Intensity Meter

Product Numbers: LS125C

Product Specifications: PowerRange: 0 - 200000μW/cm2

Product Units: UVC 254 Light Meter

Product Remark: Energy measuring range: 0-9999999μJ/cm2

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395nm UV LED Light Source UVA LED Light Meter Small Probe

Product Numbers: LS126A

Product Specifications: 340nm-420nm, calibrated with 395nm UV LED

Product Units: Energy measuring range: 0-9999999mJ/cm2

Product Remark: Probe dimension 36mm ×7.2mm ×4.7mm(L*W*H)

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UV Energy Meter UVA Radiometer 340nm-420nm

Product Numbers: LS128-LS131

Product Specifications: Energy measuring range: 0 - 999999mJ/cm²

Product Units: Sampling speed: 2048 times/second

Product Remark: Recording period: 32 min

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UV Energy Meter Mercury Lamp Halogen Lamp Intensity Tester

Product Numbers: LUME-LS132-LS133

Product Specifications: sampling speed of 2048 times per second

Product Units: high temperature resistant

Product Remark: Last data auto memery function

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UVC254 UVC Light Meter UV Radiation Intensity 248nm-262nm

Product Numbers: UVC254

Product Specifications: Wavelength range: 248nm -262nm

Product Units: Professional, high-quality UV meter

Product Remark: Resolution: 1uW / cm2

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UVA Light Meter UVA365 Virology UV Photo Diode

Product Numbers: UVA365

Product Specifications: Measurement Range:0-400 mW/cm2

Product Remark: UV sensor spectrum:bandpass 320 nm-390 nm

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ROKTOOLS Portable Foot Candle Meter Lux Meter

Product Numbers: LUME-LX1262

Product Specifications: 500,000 Lux

Product Units: Max value hold function

Product Remark: In build low battery indicator

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Professional Foot Candle Lux Meter

Product Numbers: LUME-2200

Product Specifications: 0-50000lux

Product Units: FC Lux

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Digital Foot Candle Meter Lux Meter Lux/Fc Lumen

Product Numbers: LUME-82

Product Specifications: LUX FC,MIN ,FC,MIN ,MAX,ETC

Product Remark: Standard 9V battery

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