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Remote Wireless Meat Thermometer BBQ Food Thermometer

Product Numbers: FOTH-3206

Product Specifications: Range: -50 - Celsius-300 Degree Celsius

Product Units: 8 meat types are recommended.

Product Remark: Resolution: 0.1

2021-9-28Look Select

Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer 6 Probes Kitchen Food

Product Numbers: FOTH-3205

Product Specifications: -50~300 C (-58~572F)

Product Units: 6 probe

Product Remark: Wireless APP

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Food Thermometer Digital Kitchen Thermometer Meat Long Probe

Product Numbers: FOTH-3108

Product Specifications: -58℉ to 572℉/-50℃ to 300℃

Product Units: Min/Max temperature reading save

Product Remark: Material: ABS + metal

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Meat Thermometer Digital Cooking Candy BBQ Grill Temperature Meter

Product Numbers: FOTH-3102

Product Specifications: Range: -50 to 300℃(-58 to 572°F)

Product Units: VA negative LCD mode

Product Remark: Accuracy: ±1℃

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BBQ Food Thermometer Temperature Tester With Timer

Product Numbers: FOTH-3065

Product Specifications: Measuring range: 0°C ~ + 300 °C(32F to 572F)

Product Remark: Time and date auto swift display

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Barbecue Kitchen Oven Food Thermometer

Product Numbers: FOTH-3101

Product Specifications: 50.0 ~ 300.0 (-58.0 ~ 572.0 )

Product Remark: Foldable Sensor

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50~300℃ Cooking Food Thermometer

Product Numbers: FOTH-2401

Product Specifications: Temperature measuring scope:-50~300℃

Product Units: Resolution:0.1℃

Product Remark: Display Dimension:44*18mm

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