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20 60 85 Degree Gloss Meter with High Accuracy

Product Numbers: GLME-5268

Product Specifications: Range:0-200 Gu

Product Units: 20 60 85 degree

Product Remark: Metal, plating, glass mirror and high gloss surface

2014/7/28Look Select

Precision Gloss Meter with 60 Degree Projection Angle

Product Numbers: GLME-5060

Product Specifications: Range: 0-200Gu

Product Units: Angle : 60 degree

Product Remark: Storage: 100group

2014/7/28Look Select

Economical Gloss Meters from China For Dope, Stone, Enamel

Product Numbers: GLME-1268

Product Specifications: 20° 60° 85° Gloss Meters

Product Remark: Dope, paint, paper,metal, stone

2011/3/30Look Select

Gloss Meter for Curve

Product Numbers: GLME-4260C

Product Specifications: 60°

Product Remark: China Top quality Gloss Meter for Curve

2011/3/28Look Select

Gloss Meter for Haze and Middle High Gloss

Product Numbers: GLME-4226H

Product Specifications: 20° 60°

Product Remark: China Gloss Meter for Haze

2011/3/28Look Select

China Intelligent Gloss Meter

Product Numbers: GLME-4268

Product Specifications: 20° 60° 85° Gloss Meter

Product Remark: ISO2813, ASTMD 523, DIN67530

2011/3/26Look Select

China Digital Gloss Meter with Bluetooth and USB Interface

Product Numbers: GLME-2285

Product Specifications: bluetooth data wireless transfer

Product Remark: China Manufacturer

2011/3/26Look Select

20° / 60° / 85° Multi-angle Gloss Meter from Manufacturer

Product Numbers: GLME-3380

Product Specifications: 20° / 60° / 85°

Product Remark: Gloss meters

2010/12/28Look Select

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