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China Portable Colorimeter Color Difference Meter

Product Numbers: CDME-1110

Product Specifications: 8mm Aperture

Product Units: Light Source D65

Product Remark: Sensor Photodiode array

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Colour Difference Meter (Colorimeter) With 16mm Measuring Aperture

Product Numbers: CDME-1332

Product Specifications: Observer:CIE 10 Degree Standard observer

Product Units: English/Simplified Chinese

Product Remark: With RS232 Li-ion battery

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Poartable Colorimeter Color Difference Meter With 8mm Test Aperture

Product Numbers: CDME-1232

Product Specifications: CIELAB, CIELCH, CIEXYZ, CIELUV, HunterLAB, sRGB

Product Units: Ganci whiteness, ISO brightness, YI yellowness

Product Remark: 8mm Test Aperture

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Portable Professional Color Difference Meter Colorimeter With 4mm Caliber

Product Numbers: CDME-1132

Product Specifications: Source LED blue excitation

Product Units: Delta E<0.2

Product Remark: Contain light way: SCI SCE

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Portable Colorimeter Color Difference Meter With 16mm Caliber

Product Numbers: CDME-1330

Product Specifications: Diameter of Measuring: 16mm

Product Units: Range: L 0-100

Product Remark: China manufacturer

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Portable Color Meter Color Difference Meter

Product Numbers: CDME-1230

Product Specifications: Measurement Range: L 0-100

Product Units: used in textile, printing and dyeing, clothing,

Product Remark: Battery: Rechargeable

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China Color Difference Meter Colorimeter

Product Numbers: CDME-1130

Product Specifications: Measurement Caliber: 4mm

Product Units: Light Source: LED blue excitation

Product Remark: Color Difference Formula: Delta E*ab

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Portable Colorimeter Color Difference Meter 8mm

Product Numbers: CDME-1028

Product Specifications: Measurement Caliber 8mm

Product Units: Display Mode CIELAB、CIELCH

Product Remark: Light Source LED blue excitation

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Flexible and Accurate Locating Colorimeter

Product Numbers: CDME-1010

Product Specifications: Measuring Aperture Φ8mm/Φ4mm

Product Units: Light Source D65 D50 A

Product Remark: color difference meter China manufacturer

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Portable Reflect Color Meter / Reader, Color Test Meters, Portable Colour Difference Meter

Product Numbers: CDME-3200

Product Specifications: L, a, b, ΔL, Δa, Δb and ΔE / L, c, h

Product Remark: Colour Difference Meter

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