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Rectangular Telescoping Inspection Mirror

Product Numbers: TIMI-1229

Product Specifications: 2*3.5 Inch

Product Remark: Head of mirror can be adjusted to multiple angles

2021/5/6Look Select

Ellipse Oval Extendable Telescopic Inspection Mirror

Product Numbers: TIMI-1228

Product Specifications: 1*2 Inch

Product Units: Telescopic Inspection Mirror

2021/5/6Look Select

Telescopic Mirror Inspction Mirror With LED

Product Numbers: TIMI-1225

Product Specifications: Large, Middle, Small

Product Units: High Quality

2021/4/10Look Select

Welding Inspection Mirror Telescoping Inspection Mirror With LED Light

Product Numbers: TIMI-1224

Product Specifications: length: 300-800mm

Product Units: Mirror Size: 80*50mm

Product Remark: China Manufacturer

2019/2/21Look Select

Telescoping Inspection Mirror With Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

Product Numbers: TIMI-1201

Product Specifications: Full length: 190mm

Product Units: Diameter of mirror: 30mm

Product Remark: With pick up tools

2015/9/8Look Select

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