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        Founded in 1995, Rok International Industry Co.,Limited is one of leading manufacturers of measuring tools in China, specialized in developing Hi-Tech and new products. Our products enjoy tremendous popularity among professional users. We supply 50,000 pcs tools monthly, 80% of which are exported to North America, Europe, Southe Asia, and Australia.

  For10 yearsRok International Industry has led the way with innovative products and services to the measuring tools, measuring instruments, machine tools and hand tools. Our products list includes digital indicatores, digital micro indicator,digital calipers, protractor, measuring wheel, thickness gauges, scale unit, welding gauges,tyre gauges, bore gaues We intruduce the technology from branded companies and OEM for them. and our products have passed test in many countries.Most recently we have expanded our range to include our tools to machine, automobile, survey, construction.

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