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HSK Quick Change Tapping Chuck With Length Compensation

Product Numbers: HSK-TC

Product Specifications: HSK50-TC312-72

Product Units: HSK50-TC820-110

Product Remark: Length Compensation

2018/12/27Look Select

HSK-SEMC Combi Shell Mill Holder DIN6358

Product Numbers: HSK-SEMC

Product Specifications: HSK63-SEMC16-60

Product Units: HSK63-SEMC22-60

Product Remark: HSK63-SEMC16-100

2018/12/27Look Select

HSK-MTB Morse Taper Adapter With Drawbar DIN6364

Product Numbers: HSK-MTB

Product Specifications: HSK50-FMB16-50

Product Remark: With Drawbar

2018/12/27Look Select

CNC Lathe FMB Face Mill Holder Chuck

Product Numbers: HSK-FMB

Product Specifications: Runout:0.005mm

Product Units: shell mill cutters

Product Remark: AD and AD/B can be made by request

2018/12/19Look Select

End Mill Holder Weldon DIN6359/1835B SLA

Product Numbers: HSK-PLA

Product Specifications: Runout:0.005mm

Product Units: Bore Tolerance:H5

Product Remark: Balancing:G6.3/15000 RPM

2018/12/19Look Select

HSK ER Collet Chuck Tool Holder DIN6499

Product Numbers: HSK-ER

Product Specifications: HSK-ER

Product Units: Meet Standard

Product Remark: Tool Holder

2018/12/19Look Select

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