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Hole Saws Built-in Arbor
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Product Name: Hole Saws Built-in Arbor
Product Numbers: BMHS-003
Product Specifications: 14-60mm
Product Remark: 12mm depth
Product Class:Hand Tools and Hardware Tools > Hole Saw > Bi-metal How Saw
Product Details
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1. Cutting Safely and Efficiently,the Best Way to Cut Large Holes, Clearing the Chips in Touch Materials
2. Can be used in Portable Electric or Pneumatic Tools, Vertical Drill Machines, Lathe, Boring/Milling Machines and Other Machine Tools.
3. Cuts Through Stainless Steel and Other Materials Pipe,Nail-Embedded wood, Hard Wood Floors, Plywood and Plastics;
Order No.
Pilot Drill
Full Length
Effective Length
Shank Diameter
14-42mm  9/16~1-3/16
  Stainless steel sheet,         Enameled steel sheet,        Aluminum,Brass, Cast iron,  Plastic and pipes    
45-60mm       1-3/8~2-1/8 
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