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Optical Composite Image Levels
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Product Name: Optical Composite Image Levels
Product Numbers: OL-101
Product Specifications: 0.01mm/m
Product Remark: 0-10mm
Product Class:Measuring Tools > Levels and Laser tools > Optical Composite Image Levels
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Optical Composite Image Levels
Range: 0-10mm
1. Dials partition value: 0.01mm / m
2. The largest positive and negative measurement range :0-10mm / m
3. Indication error: plus or minus 1mm / m range of plus or minus 0.01mm / m
4. All the measurement range of plus or minus 0.02mm / m
5. Face plane bias: 0.003mm
6. Standard device Lattice: 0.1mm / m
7. Face Dimensions: (mm) 165 * 48
8. Instrument Weight: 2 kg
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