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20° / 60° / 85° Multi-angle Gloss Meter from Manufacturer
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Product Name: 20° / 60° / 85° Multi-angle Gloss Meter from Manufacturer
Product Numbers: GLME-3380
Product Specifications: 20° / 60° / 85°
Product Remark: Gloss meters
Product Class:Measuring and Testing Instruments > Optical Instruments > Gloss Meters
Product Details
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Multi-angle gloss meter will measure a wide range of material finishes surfaces - 20º for low glosssurfaces, 60º for medium gloss and 85º for high gloss surfaces.Typical applications include surfaces such as paints, varnishes, print, building materials, ceramics etc.Powered by batteries or mains power supply.  Memory for 10,000 readings. Professional analysis software and easy transfer of data to PC.
Muti-angle gloss meter main features:

1. Exquisite design more ergonomic, allowing you to use handy.
2. Chinese user interface, operate more simple and convenient.
3. three-angle gloss data also showed that different gloss conditions to meet your data needs.
4. the latest Bluetooth and removable storage cards allow you to exchange data more easily.
5. Dedicated software can help you gloss for data analysis and output.

Measuring Angle Degree 20°, 60°, 85°
Incidence Angle GU Gs(20°):0.0~120 Gs(20°):120~2000
Gs(60°):0.0~120 Gs(60°):120~1000
Gs(85°):0.0~120 Gs(85°):120~160
Measuring Spot mm Gs(20°):10x10
Resolation GU 0.1 1
Rcporducibility GU 0.2 0.20%
Repeatability GU 0.5 0.50%
Deviation GU ±1.5 ±1.5%
Zero Point Deviation GU 0.2
Operating Temperature °C 10°~40°
storage Temp °C -10°~70
Rleative Humidity   Less then 85%,Non-condensing
 Power Supply   4AAA alkaline Battery(optional)
 Volume mm 164x58x88
Weight g 520
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