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Cheap IR Thermal Imaging Camera Thermographic Camera

Product Numbers: THIM-02D

Product Specifications: Resolution: 32*32

Product Remark: Measuring Mode: Thermopile

2018/5/23Look Select

Thermal Imager IR Thermal Imaging Camera

Product Numbers: THIM-04

2018/5/21Look Select

Cheap IR Infrared Thermal Camera Thermal Imaging Camera

Product Numbers: THIM-03

Product Specifications: 80*80

Product Units: hermal Sensitivity: 0.5C

Product Remark: Total Pixel: 6400

2018/5/21Look Select

ROKTOOLS Cheap Thermal Vision Camera Infrared Thermal Imager

Product Numbers: THIM-02

Product Specifications: Resolution: 60*60

Product Units: Total pixels: 3600

2018/5/21Look Select

IP67 Thermal Imaging Camera For Fire Fighting

Product Numbers: THIM-5102

Product Specifications: 160×120 -20℃~+600℃

Product Units: One key operation

Product Remark: IP67 for scene of the fire, see” through smoke

2014/11/22Look Select

Thermal Imaging Camera (Thermal Imager) With 3.6 Color LCD

Product Numbers: THIM-5004

Product Specifications: 160×120 384×288

Product Units: 3.6 touch screen

Product Remark: Daul LED film lights

2014/11/22Look Select

Thermal Imaging Camera/Thermal Imager With Drop Resistance

Product Numbers: THIM-5001

Product Specifications: 160×120 384×288

Product Units: 2.7

Product Remark: China Thermal Imaging Camera

2014/11/22Look Select

China Infrared Thermal Imager UTi160B

Product Numbers: UTi160B

Product Specifications: -20 to +300 °℃

Product Units: 20°X15°/0.1m

Product Remark: 3.5 TFT screen

2012/9/12Look Select

Light Visiable Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameral

Product Numbers: UTI160C

Product Specifications: 20°to +300° (extended to 1500°)

Product Units: Wave: 8 ~ 14um

Product Remark: China Thermal Imaging Cameral

2012/9/12Look Select

Handheld IR Infrared Thermal Imager Imaging Cameral

Product Numbers: THIM-3080

Product Specifications: -20°C~300°C

Product Units: 8-14um

Product Remark: 10°x7.5°/0.1m

2012/9/12Look Select
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