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Conductivity & pH Meter

Product Numbers: PHME-6321

Product Specifications: 0.0~14.0pH;0~199.9uS/cm

Product Units: 0.0~14.0pH;0~1999uS/cm

Product Remark: Accuracy: ±0.1pH ; ±0.2%FS

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Portable Conductivity Pocket Tester

Product Numbers: PHME-5021

Product Specifications: (0~99.9)μS/cm

Product Remark: China Conductivity Pocket Tester

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Automatic Temperature Compensation Conductivity/TDS/Sal./Res. Tester

Product Numbers: PHME-650

Product Units: China TDS manufacturer

Product Remark: IP57 waterproof, replaceable batteries

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Portable pH/ORP/Conductivity/DO Meter (8 in 1)

Product Numbers: PHME-751

Product Specifications: -1999mV ~ 0 ~ 1999mV

Product Units: IP57 waterproof rating

Product Remark: Conductivity,Dissolved Oxygen,ORP,PH

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Portable Ph/Conductivity/DO Meter (7 in 1)

Product Numbers: PHME-736

Product Specifications: Accuracy:+/-0.01pH; Overall: +/-0.02pH

Product Units: Stability:+/-0.01 pH/3h

Product Remark: (0 ~100)℃(automatic)

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Portable Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Product Numbers: PHME-726

Product Specifications: (0 ~ 40.00)mg/L(ppm) (0 ~ 200.0)%

Product Units: .Double-parameter meter

Product Remark: polarographic type dissolved oxygen electrode

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Portable pH/Conductivity Meter

Product Numbers: PHME-723

Product Specifications: (-2.00 ~ 19.99)pH

Product Units: PH, OPR, conductivity

Product Remark: China conductivity meter manufacturer

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Portable Conductivity/ TDS/Sal./Res.Meter

Product Numbers: PHME-713

Product Specifications: Range:TDS:(0 ~ 100)g/L

Product Units: Temp. compensation range

Product Remark: conductivity, TDS, salinity and resistivity

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China Multifuctional pH/mV/ISE/Conductivity/DO Meter

Product Numbers: PHME-551

Product Specifications: 0.00 ~ 14.00 pX

Product Units: self-diagnose

Product Remark: temperature compensation

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China Conductivity/DO Meter

Product Numbers: PHME-526

Product Specifications: Conductivity:(0.00~20.00)μS/cm (20.0~200.0)μS/cm

Product Units: (0 ~ 40.00)mg/L(ppm) (0 ~ 200.0)%

Product Remark: GLP standards

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