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WiFi 70MHz 2 Channels 250MSa/s Storage Oscilloscope

Product Numbers: IDSO1070A

Product Specifications: 70MHz

Product Units: Sample, VPP, Vavg

Product Remark: Built-in Li-ion

2018/6/19Look Select

Bench Top Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Product Numbers: UTD2025CL

Product Specifications: Edge, Pulse, Video and Alternate

Product Units: Rise Time: 14ns

Product Remark: etup, wave and bitmap

2018/6/19Look Select

Desktop Digital Oscilloscope Dual Channel

Product Numbers: UTD2102CEX

Product Specifications: Edge, pulse and alternate trigger types

Product Units: Large LCD screen

Product Remark: Rise Time: ≤ 3.5ns

2018/6/19Look Select

Low Cost Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

Product Numbers: UTD1025CL

Product Specifications: 25MHz

Product Units: 200MS/s

2018/6/19Look Select

Pen Type Oscilloscope

Product Numbers: OSCI-PSO2020

Product Specifications: Vmax, Vmin, Vpp, Vamp, Vtop, Vmid

Product Remark: 4 isolated channels oscilloscope

2018/6/19Look Select

7 Inch LCD 50MHZ 500MSa/s 32Kpts Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Product Numbers: OS-SDS1052DL

Product Specifications: 50Mhz

Product Units: 50GSa/s

Product Remark: 2CH +1EXT

2016/5/5Look Select

SPO Technology Bench Top Digital Oscilloscope

Product Numbers: OS-SDS1102X

Product Specifications: 100Mhz 1GSa/s

Product Units: 2 Channels

Product Remark: 7Mpts-14Mpts Memory Depth(max)

2016/5/5Look Select

Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

Product Numbers: OSCI-810

Product Specifications: 100 MHz,

Product Units: 6000 count display

2016/4/21Look Select

PC USB Oscilloscope With Waveform Generator

Product Numbers: OSCI-3062L

Product Specifications: Analog Channels:2-4 channel

Product Units: Bandwidth: 60MHz

Product Remark: Real-Time Sampling Rate: 200MS/s

2015/5/7Look Select

Handheld Oscilloscope With LED backlight

Product Numbers: OSCI-DSO1060

Product Specifications: Bandwidth: 60MHz-200MHz

Product Units: Trigger Types: Edge, Video, Pulse, Alternative

Product Remark: Max. Resolution:6000 Counts

2015/5/5Look Select
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