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Digital Jaw Type Inside Micrometer 5-200 mm

Product Numbers: IM-242101

Product Specifications: Range: 0-200mm

Product Units: Jaw type

Product Remark: ABS function

2016/4/25Look Select

Inside Micrometer With Two Sides of Caliper

Product Numbers: IM-212101

Product Specifications: 5-30mm 30-55mm

Product Units: Supplied with setting ring 30mm

Product Remark: Ratchet stop

2014/8/11Look Select

u-Digit 0.001 Inside Micrometer With Counter(Caliper Jaw)

Product Numbers: IM-222101

Product Specifications: Range 5-200mm /0.2-8 inch

Product Units: ratchet frction thimble

Product Remark: Resolution:0.01mm/0.001

2014/8/11Look Select

Electronic Digital Inside Micrometer(Caliper Type)

Product Numbers: IM-252101

Product Specifications: Range: 5-30mm---200mm

Product Units: Range: 0.2-1.2 inch

Product Remark: Ratchet Stop or Friction thimble

2014/8/11Look Select

Digital Inside Micrometer with Caliper Jaw

Product Numbers: IM-232101

Product Specifications: Range: 5-30mm, 25-50mm 175-200mm

Product Units: With SPC output

Product Remark: ABS function

2014/5/6Look Select

Inside Micrometers with Interchangeable Anvils

Product Numbers: IM-220101

Product Specifications: 75-300mm

Product Remark: v-shape or cone-shaped

2010/11/4Look Select

Caliper type Inside Micrometers

Product Numbers: IM-120

Product Specifications: 5-100mm

Product Units: caliper type inside micrometer

Product Remark: inch or metric

2009/5/16Look Select

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