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Piezoelectric Accelerometer Vibration Meter Measurement

Product Numbers: VIME-3301

Product Specifications: 0.001-4.000 mm

Product Remark: Displacement : 10Hz. ~ 1kHz

2018/3/18Look Select

Mechanics Stethoscope Engine Ambient Noises Tester

Product Numbers: VIME-120

Product Specifications: Range: 10~10K Hz

Product Units: 100dB

2018/3/18Look Select

3 Piezoelectric Transducers Vibration Meter Tester

Product Numbers: VIME-6380-3

Product Units: 3 Piezoelectric Transducers

Product Remark: Acceleration: 10Hz~10kHz

2018/3/17Look Select

Double Channel Digital 3D Vibration Meter Individual Accelerometer

Product Numbers: VIME-6380-2

Product Units: Accuracy 5% of Reading+2 digits

Product Remark: Individual Accelerometer

2018/3/16Look Select

Vibration Meter for Measuring With Piezoelectric Transducer

Product Numbers: VIME-6380

Product Specifications: 10Hz~10kHz

Product Remark: In accordance with ISO 2954

2018/3/16Look Select

ROK Vibration Meter Vibrometer

Product Numbers: VIME-6370

Product Specifications: 0.01~400mm/s

Product Units: Acceleration Velocity Displacement

2018/3/16Look Select

Digital Vibration Meter For Measuring Rotating Machinery

Product Numbers: VIME-213

Product Specifications: Acceleration: 0.1-300.0m/s² equivalent peak 985ft/s²

Product Units: Velocity: 10 Hz ~ 1k Hz

Product Remark: USB, RS-232

2016/2/24Look Select

Digital Vibration Meter,Tester, Gauge,

Product Numbers: VIME-2001

Product Specifications: Velocity:0.1~1999.9m/s

Product Units: Accuracy: ±5%H±2digits

Product Remark: Digital Vibration Meter china

2012/7/30Look Select

Portable Digital Vibration Meter

Product Numbers: VIME-2002

Product Specifications: Velocity: 10Hz~1KHz (LO)

Product Units: Displacement: 10Hz~1KHz (LO)

Product Remark: Operation temperature: 0~40℃

2012/7/30Look Select

China Vibration Meter UT312

Product Numbers: UT312

Product Specifications: 0.1-199.9m/s²

Product Units: (RMS)1-1999μm

Product Remark: High quality

2011/12/15Look Select
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