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Battery Powered VLT UV IR Window Tint Meter Solar Film Checker

Product Numbers: LS162

Product Specifications: Thickness of testing sample: < 8mm

Product Units: Resolution: 0.1%

Product Remark: Accuracy: ±2%

2021/11/15Look Select

Wireless Light Transmittance Meter Window Tint Tester

Product Numbers: LTME-2182

Product Specifications: range0-100%

Product Units: Sample Thicknes Less than 18 mm/0.7inch

Product Remark: Size: 141x65x38mm

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Automobile Window Light Transmittance Meter Window Tint Reader

Product Numbers: WT11

Product Specifications: Range: 0~100%

Product Units: Resolution: 0.1%

Product Remark: Window Tint Reader manufacturer

2021/11/13Look Select

Automotive Glass Visible Light Transmittance Meter VLT Window Tint

Product Numbers: LS110A

Product Specifications: Resolution: 0.1%

Product Units: Accuracy: better than ±2%

Product Remark: Test sample size: > 40mm×40mm

2021/11/13Look Select

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