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Portable Infrared Natural Gas Analyzer

Product Numbers: NDIR-11044

2018/5/26Look Select

Online Infrared Biogas Analyzer For CH4 ,CO2 ,H2S and O2

Product Numbers: INGA-13004

Product Specifications: Repeatability:±0.5% FS

Product Units: NDIR and ECD mthod

Product Remark: Zero/Span drift: ±2%FS

2014/9/16Look Select

Infrared Biogas Analyzer For CH4 ,CO2 ,H2S and O2

Product Numbers: INGA-13002

Product Specifications: Measurement range: CO2(NDIR): 0-50% CH4(NDIR): 0-100%

Product Units: Repeatability: ±0.5% FS

Product Remark: Response time(T0-90): <15s

2014/9/16Look Select

Online Infrared Flue Gas Analyzer For SO2 ,NO ,CO ,CO2 and O2

Product Numbers: INGA-12008

Product Specifications: SO2 ,NO ,CO ,CO2 and O2

Product Units: Micro-flow NDIR

Product Remark: Gas flow 0.7 ~1.2 L/min

2014/9/16Look Select

Portable NDIR Infrared Flue Gas Analyzer for CO ,CO2 ,O2 ,SO2 ,NO2 ,NO

Product Numbers: INGA-12007

Product Specifications: CO ,CO2 ,O2 ,SO2 ,NO2 ,NO

Product Units: Electrochemistry and NDIR

Product Remark: Built-in pump

2014/9/16Look Select

Portable Infrared Combustion Efficiency Analyzer

Product Numbers: INGA-12004

Product Specifications: CO: 0-9999ppm

Product Units: CO2:0-25% O2: 0-25%

Product Remark: RS232,USB

2014/9/15Look Select

Portable Infrared Flue Gas Analyzer

Product Numbers: INGA-12006

Product Specifications: Micro-flow NDIR

Product Units: PID temperature control

Product Remark: Built-in sampling pump and peristaltic pump

2014/9/15Look Select

Online Infrared Syngas Analyzer For 6 Gas

Product Numbers: INGA-11022

Product Specifications: Rang: 10%-50%

Product Units: CO,CO2,CH4,H2,O2,CnHm

Product Remark: NDIR and Thermal Conductivity Detector

2014/9/15Look Select

NDIR Portable Infrared Syngas Analyzer

Product Numbers: INGA-11001

Product Specifications: Flow rate: 0.7-1.2L/min

Product Units: Concentration of CO ,CO2 ,CH4 ,H2 and O2

Product Remark: Calculated heating value

2014/9/15Look Select

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