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Handheld Digital Gaussmeter Teslameter

Product Numbers: GSME-642

Product Specifications: Range:30kG, 3kG, 300G

Product Units: Without USB

Product Remark: Without Memory

2018/11/30Look Select

Magnet Portable Tesla Meter Handheld Gauss Meter

Product Numbers: GSME-8620

Product Specifications: Range: 200 mT,2000 mT

Product Units: Permanent magnet surface measurement

Product Remark: Light weight and low power consumption

2018/11/30Look Select

China Bench Type Gauss Meter

Product Numbers: GSME-3321

Product Specifications: 0-±300mT,0-±3000mT

Product Units: More than 1.0% (full scale)

Product Remark: China Bench Type Gauss Meter

2011/12/5Look Select

China Digital Gauss Meter, Tesla meter

Product Numbers: GSME-201

Product Specifications: Range : 0~200mT~2000mT

Product Remark: Frequency range: 10Hz~200HZ

2011/9/13Look Select

Portable Gauss Meter

Product Numbers: GSME-3201

Product Specifications: Test range: ±30.0 mT, ±300mT, ± 3000mT

Product Remark: Gauss Meters

2011/9/13Look Select

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