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Gantry 2.5D CNC Video Measuring Machine System

Product Numbers: VIMM-40608

Product Specifications: Trave: 600*800*200

Product Units: 1500*1800*200

Product Remark: Video Magnification: 20-128X

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CNC Video Measuirng Machine

Product Numbers: VIMM-33020

Product Specifications: Travel: 300*200 500*400

Product Remark: TEO™ Color 1 / 2 Color CCD Camera

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2D+3D Combined CNC Image Vision Measuring System Machine (VMM)

Product Numbers: VIMM-13020

Product Specifications: 300*200,500*300

Product Remark: Zoom lens magnification: 0.7-4.5X

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3D Probe Manual Vision Measuring System Machine

Product Numbers: VIMM-21510

Product Specifications: 150*100,200*100 250*150,400*300

Product Units: 10X-63X 0.5 LENS

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2.5D Manual Video Measuring Machine

Product Numbers: VIMM-2010

Product Specifications: 200*100, 400*300

Product Remark: RS232

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