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Basic Grain Moisture Meter

Product Numbers: MOME-5720

Product Specifications: Range: 5-30%

Product Remark: Low cost for 5 Grains

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High Accuracy Grain Moisture Tester

Product Numbers: MOME-5710

Product Specifications: Range: 6-30%

Product Remark: 11 types of grain

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Digital Grain Moisture Meter For 25 Types Grain

Product Numbers: MOME-5725

Product Specifications: Range: 6%-30%

Product Units: Electrical Resistance Method

Product Remark: Wheet Rye, Soya Beans, Rice

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High Frequency Multifuctional Soil Moisture Meter MOME-5630

Product Numbers: MOME-5630

Product Specifications: Measuring range : 0-2% & 0-80%

Product Units: Resolution: 0.1 or 0.01

Product Remark: High frenquency

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Soil and Chemical Material Moisture Tester Meter MOME-5635

Product Numbers: MOME-5635

Product Specifications: Measuring range :0-60%

Product Units: Resolusion:0.1

Product Remark: Accuracy: ± 0.5%n

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Soil Moisture Meter MOME-5617

Product Numbers: MOME-5617

Product Specifications: Measuring range :0-50%

Product Units: Large LCD display

Product Remark: Hold function

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Cotton Moisture Meter MOME-5410

Product Numbers: MOME-5410

Product Specifications: Range: 5-40%

Product Units: Auto Power off

Product Remark: With Backlight

2016/3/9Look Select

Professional High Accuracy Paper Moisture Tester Meter

Product Numbers: MOME-5302

Product Specifications: Measuring range: 0~2%/0~50%

Product Units: Resolusion:0.1/0.01

2016/3/8Look Select

Paper Bale Digital Moisture Meter MOME-5310

Product Numbers: MOME-5310

Product Specifications: Measuring range :0-95%

Product Units: Resolution: 0.1

Product Remark: Accuracy: ± 0.5%n

2016/3/7Look Select

Professional Pin Type Paper Moisture Meter

Product Numbers: MOME-5327

Product Specifications: Measuring range : 0-95%

Product Units: Low battery indicator

Product Remark: Auto/manual power off

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