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RCD Loop Tester Resistance Tester

Product Numbers: 5910

Product Specifications: RL Current Test: 0.51 IΔN ±(10%+10d) 0.5IΔN

Product Units: Trigger Phase Angle: 0°or 180°

Product Remark: Display Back Light

2018/2/28Look Select

Process Calibrator 11+

Product Numbers: PRCA-11

Product Specifications: Range: -10 ~ 1100mV

2017/7/7Look Select

Process Calibrator Tools UT712

Product Numbers: UT712

Product Specifications: Measure / Source Voltage: 200mV / 20V

Product Units: Sinking Current: Sinking Current

Product Remark: Loop Power: 24A

2011/7/20Look Select

Multi-Functions Loop Testers UT591, UT592, UT593, UT595

Product Numbers: UT591

Product Specifications: Loop Testers

Product Remark: China Manufacturer

2011/7/20Look Select

Digital Safety Testers UT527

Product Numbers: UT527

Product Specifications: Sleep mode

Product Remark: Crod test

2011/7/20Look Select

Electrical Testers UT526

Product Numbers: UT526

Product Specifications: AC or DC Judgment

Product Units: Phase Switch

Product Remark: China Exporter, manufacturer

2011/7/19Look Select

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