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SHG 200 Wet Film Comb Painting Thickness Gauge 20-200um

Product Numbers: TH-83004

Product Specifications: 20-200 um

Product Units: Wet Film Comb gauge

Product Remark: Durable and long life use

2021/3/13Look Select

Hexagonal Wet Film Comb 20-370 um Thickness Gauge Notch Gauges

Product Numbers: TH-83101

Product Specifications: 20-370 um

Product Units: full range of Wet Film Combs

Product Remark: Notch Gauges

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Rectangular 25-2032Wet Film Comb Thickness Gauge 1-80 Mil

Product Numbers: TH-83002

Product Specifications: 25~2032 µm/1-80mil

Product Units: Rectangular Style

Product Remark: With use direction on the gauge

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SHG 100 Wet Film Comb Thickness Gauge 10-100um

Product Numbers: TH-83003

Product Specifications: Range: 10-100um

Product Units: Light weight and portable

Product Remark: china Manufacturer Factory

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25-3000μm Wet Film Comb Thickness Gauge

Product Numbers: TH-830

Product Specifications: 25-3000μm

Product Units: MIL Gauges, Step Gauges and Notched Gauges

Product Remark: Wet Film Thickness Measuring Combs

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