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Exhaust Back Pressure Tester Automobile Blockage Emission Detector

Product Numbers: AUDO-017

Product Specifications: 32.50X28.00X5.50cm/12.77X11.00X2.16inch

Product Remark: Comes with a storage case

2023/8/17Look Select

Brake Drum Tool Kit Spring Tool Pliers Auto Repair Tools

Product Numbers: AUDO-27001

Product Specifications: 1 pc Brake Spring Remover

Product Units: 1 pc Brake Spring Compresso

Product Remark: 1 pc Brake Spring Retainer

2023/8/17Look Select

Fuel System Pressure Gauge fuel Injection Pressure Test Gauge

Product Numbers: AUDO-UT443

Product Specifications: 140 PSI /10 bar scale

Product Units: Fuel rail pop-off press

Product Remark: Leaking injectors

2023/8/17Look Select

Camshaft Engine Timing Chain Riveting Tool Kit For Benz

Product Numbers: AUDO-22006

Product Specifications: 1x Timing Chain Riveting Tool Set

Product Units: To renew and rivet timing chains

2023/8/17Look Select

Vacuum-Type Universal Radiator Pressure Tester Cooling System

Product Numbers: AUDO-23001

Product Specifications: The diameter of meter: 50mm / 2.0in

Product Units: 1 * Pressure Testing Pump with Hose

Product Remark: 20 * Test Cap

2023/8/16Look Select

21pcs Universal Disc Brake Caliper Piston Reset Tools Sets Kit

Product Numbers: AUDO-22004

Product Specifications: Universal 21pcs brake piston wind back kit

Product Units: Suitable for use on 2wd and 4wd vehicles.

Product Remark: Comes in a blow molded case

2023/8/16Look Select

18pcs Alternator Freewheel Pulley Removal Set Alternator Pulley

Product Numbers: AUDO-0237

Product Specifications: 1PC 1/2

Product Units: 1PC 1/2

Product Remark: 1PC H22x30L

2023/8/16Look Select

13pcs Freewheel Pulley Puller Removal Socket Car Repair Toos

Product Numbers: AUDO-0135

Product Specifications: Material: CR-V, carbon steel

Product Units: Weight: Approx. 1250g

Product Remark: Removal Socket

2023/8/16Look Select

12pcs Bearing Splitter Gear Puller Bearing Separator Automobile

Product Numbers: AUDO-E1143

Product Specifications: Extension Legs: 5" - 4pcs

Product Units: Extension Legs: 4" - 4pcs

Product Remark: Puller Head Bar: 6.9” - 1pcs

2023/8/15Look Select

12 Piece Engine Camshaft/Crankshaft Timing Tool Set

Product Numbers: AUDO-22005

Product Specifications: For use on N62, N73, V8, V12 petrol engines

Product Units: Durable construction

Product Remark: blow-moulded case

2023/8/15Look Select

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