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Resistance Temperature Tester RTD Thermometer

Product Numbers: INTH-1007

Product Specifications: Main Unit: -200~600°C

Product Units: Sampling Time: Twice/sec

Product Remark: Date Recording: 256 Sets

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2 Channel Digital Thermometer For Temperature Measuring

Product Numbers: INTH-1006

Product Specifications: Range: -50°C~1300°C, -58°F~1999°F

Product Units: HOLD,°F/°C ,T1/T2,T1-T2

Product Remark: Reading rate: 2.5 times per second

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Digital Thermometer With K-Type Thermocouple Sensor

Product Numbers: INTH-1005

Product Specifications: -50-1300°C(-58-1999°F)

Product Units: Resolution: 0.1°C, 1°C / 0.1°F, 1°F

Product Remark: Sampling Rate: About 2.5 per second

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K-Type Digital Thermometer Meter Temperature Measurement Tool

Product Numbers: INTH-1004

Product Specifications: Range: -50°C~1300°C, -58°F~1999°F

Product Units: K type

Product Remark: 9V Battery

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Dual Input Digital Thermometer China UT325

Product Numbers: UT325

Product Specifications: T1, T2 input

Product Units: °C/ °F/ K Selection

Product Remark: China Exporter

2011/12/18Look Select

China Digital Thermometer UT323

Product Numbers: UT323

Product Specifications: K,J,T,E-Type

Product Units: °C/ °F/ K Selection

Product Remark: China exporter

2011/12/17Look Select

Digital Thermometer China UT322

Product Numbers: UT322

Product Units: K,J,T,E-Type : 0.5% ± 0.8°C

Product Remark: Electricity Cut Off Memory

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China Digital Thermometer

Product Numbers: UT321

Product Specifications: 0.1°C (when > 999.9°C : 1°C)

Product Units: USB Data Transfer

Product Remark: K-Type; J-Type; T-Type; E-Type

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