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HSS/HSS Co5 Slotted Taper and Deburring Countersink

Product Numbers: CODR-41001

Product Specifications: 1/4-40/50

Product Units: suitable for long-chip materials

Product Remark: Material: HSS/HSS Co5

2015/5/20Look Select

HSS 75 Degree Taper Deburring Countersink

Product Numbers: CODR-24001

Product Specifications: 6.3-25mm with 75 degree

Product Units: shank: 5-10mm

Product Remark: Material: HSS6542 M2

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DIN 334C 60 Degree Taper Deburring Countersink Drill

Product Numbers: CODR-23001

Product Specifications: 60 Degree

Product Units: DIN 334C

Product Remark: Best results at low cutting speed.

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Quick Feed Taper and Deburring Countersink

Product Numbers: CODR-22001

Product Specifications: 6.3-31

Product Units: Meet DIN 335

Product Remark: Specially developed for automati and quick feed

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3 Flute Deburring Countersink 90° DIN335C

Product Numbers: CODR-21001

Product Specifications: Size: 4.3-40

Product Units: Sharp cutting edges with deep-ground flutes

Product Remark: CBN fully ground flute

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