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Logic Analyzer 34 Data Input Channels

Product Numbers: LOAN-5034

Product Specifications: Input Impedance: 200K (C=10p)

Product Units: Max. Sample Rate: 500 MHz

Product Remark: Adjustable Logic Threshold

2015/5/8Look Select

PC USB Logic Analyzer With 2Gbit Memory Depth

Product Numbers: LOAN-4032L

Product Specifications: Input Voltage Range: -6V~60V

Product Units: logic analyzer, bus analyzer, and logic probe

Product Remark: Secondary analysis with other tools.

2015/5/8Look Select

High Speed Logic Analyzer

Product Numbers: LOAN-2032

Product Specifications: 32 data sampling channels

Product Units: Sampling Phase: rise edge, falling edge

Product Remark: USB Device and RS-232

2014/10/18Look Select

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