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Electronic Digital Disk Brake Micrometer IP65

Product Numbers: DM-192501

Product Specifications: Range: 7.6-33mm, 25-50mm

Product Units: Electronic type

Measuring Tools > Micrometer > Disc Brake Micrometers

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Spherical and Flat Tips Digital Depth Micrometer

Product Numbers: DM-193501

Product Specifications: IP65 0-25mm

Product Units: 0-50mm, 0-100mm, 0-200mm

Product Remark: LCD display

Measuring Tools > Micrometer > Depth Micrometers

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IP65 Water Resistance Outside Deep Throat Micrometer

Product Numbers: DM-190701

Product Specifications: IP65 0-25mm,

Product Remark: Oil Dust resistance

Measuring Tools > Micrometer > Deep Throat Micrometer

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ROK Wifi Power Quality Analyzer

Product Numbers: PQAN7620-SA2200

Product Specifications: Phase: -180~180

Product Remark: Wave Recording

Measuring and Testing Instruments > Electronic test Instruments > Power Quality Analyzer

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IP 65 Fast Moving Crimp Height Electronic Micrometer

Product Numbers: DM-180501

Product Specifications: 0-25mm, 25-50mm, 50-75mm

Product Units: Delivery time:3-30 days

Product Remark: Fast feeding

Measuring Tools > Micrometer > Crimp Height Micrometer

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ROK Digital Blade Micrometer

Product Numbers: DM-192301

Product Specifications: Range: 0-25mm 150-175mm

Product Remark: Brand: ROK

Measuring Tools > Micrometer > Blade Micrometer

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Double Display Digital Micrometer

Product Numbers: DM-201401

Product Specifications: Range: 0-30mm

Product Units: Resolution: 0.001mm

Product Remark: China manufacturer

Measuring Tools > Micrometer > Outside Micrometers

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CNC Machine Accessories OZ Tool Holder Manufacturer

Product Numbers: OZ

Product Specifications: machine accessories

Product Units: ROK

Product Remark: OEM is available

Machinery and Engineering Tools > Chucks > BT Series Chuck Tool Holder

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Best TG Collet Chuck Tool Holder manufacturer

Product Numbers: TG

Product Specifications: Max run out: <0.005mm

Product Remark: Shank body standard: MAS 403

Machinery and Engineering Tools > Chucks > BT Series Chuck Tool Holder

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FMA Collet Chuck Tool Holder

Product Numbers: FMA

Product Specifications: FMA Collet

Product Units: Hardness:HRC52-54

Product Remark: Matrial:20CrMnTi

Machinery and Engineering Tools > Chucks > BT Series Chuck Tool Holder

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